Portsmouth Handicap Rating for the Puddle Duck Racer

Handicap Rating: PDRacer, All Rigs PDR D-PN: [140.0]

In 2004 we gained a portsmouth handicap rating that is valid for all sailing rigs used. We appeared in the tables from 2004 through 2008, at which point US Sailing changed their policy and any class that would like to have their rating show up in future tables would need to start paying a subscription fee. I can fully understand the need to charge a subscription fee, one of the key things that organizations need to continue their existance is funding.

Because I pay for everything out of my pocket and provide everything for free to the members, I can't afford to have our rating carried in the current tables. The funds I am able to raise, I use towards advertising and promotion. Below are copies of the old tables which we appeared.

When puddle ducks are used in mixed class regattas, the race committees have been accepting our rating and allowing us to compete, even though we are not in the current tables.

PDRacer Handicap Rating

PDRacer Handicap Rating 2