Enlarging the PA Fleet

As part of the effort to get more participation in the North American Championship planned for August 2nd and 3rd, the Regatta committee have entered into a partnership with Home Depot Stores. Geographically selected stores will hold "How To Build A Puddle Duck Demonstration" and the other 20 in the area will be offered Countertop Displays emphasizing that the materials to build a Puddle Duck can be purchased in that store. The first of these Demos will be at Allison Park on February 1st. The displays will contain a model with a sail advertising the Regatta plus an assortment of literature on how and where to build a Puddle Duck.

Each Store holding a Demo will donate all the materials for one Puddle Duck. When people sign up to attend the Demo they will automatically be entered into a Raffle and the winner will take home the hull built at that event

Another of these displays will be placed in a Perkins Restaurant to advertise the "Cabin Fever Cure" meeting planned there as a Social event and opportunity to discuss the next season.

Help is being sought from the local Woodworking Club to obtain expert help to cut out parts for the Demos and assist at the planned "Hatches".

Local sailors with US Sailing Instructor certification will be called on to help the new Ducklings get their feet wet when the water once again turns to liquid.

Help is being given to local Eagle Scouts who decided to build Puddle Ducks to gain their badges.

As always the State Park people are being very co operative, allowing us to put a counter top display in their office, to exhibit Puddle Ducks over the Easter Weekend and to hold the first "Hatch" of the year in their Outdoor Center on 11th April