2006 World PDRacer Sailboat Championship Race

Event Information

Loaner Boats & Competing to use them
Race Course and Instructions

Event Photos

-- Friday --
Arrive at Beach
Eagle's Nest
-- Saturday --
John Wright's Loaner Boats
Tim Cowden - Pedal Boat
Skip Johnson - New Proa
Wives & Kids
Some practice sailing
Playoff For The Loaner Boats - Andrew VS Phil
Couple of Rescue Missions
Playoff For The Loaner Boats - Phil VS Shorty
-- The Big Race --
Setting Up The Staring Line
Start & Run to the first mark
Round lap 1 and 2
Lap 3
The Most Contended Position
-- After The Race --
Knock Down Testing
Magnolia Beach Tsunami
Afternoon Sail & Chuck's Potluck Dinner
Lessons Learned