Capsize Worse Case Scenario

This is the worse case scenario, when talking about swamping your boat. This boat was built by a friend of mine, but he never got around to installing the airboxes.

We were at the Lake Conroe messabout and as you can see form the lack of waves or white caps, it was a fairly calm day. He was sailing and accidentally sat on the main sheet, a small gust of wind came and he was knocked down.

He was not able to self recover the boat in deep water, I just happened to be near by in a bigger sailboat with a motor, so I started to tow him over to the shallows.

Here we are near the bank, you can see he is standing up on the bottom. To right the boat, he pulled the sail rig out.

Here you can see the problem - even with the weight of the sail rig removed, when the boat is righted, it is still full of water. If he were in deep water by himself, he would not be able to self recover the boat by himself.