BucketEars - Cut Parts

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Marking out the rocker is pretty easy. You can use the edge of the plywood or draw a line inside your sheet like I have, and use the line as your reference.

If you are creative, you can end up with some nice shaped leftover pieces.

Drive a nail into the plywood at each station mark.

NOTE: The PDRacer's rocker was created by combining the bends of 2 battens, so one single batten will not naturally bend around all of them. This means if you use one batten to mark your rocker, you will need to clamp it at each station mark like shown in the above photo. OR, you can wrap a batten around 3 or more station marks at one time, which will work just fine also.

NOTE: To check if the PDRacer is class legal or not, it is only measured at the 7 station marks, so try to be accurate when you mark and cut in those locations.

There it is, the first cut!

And there is the second cut!

Next mark where the bulkheads will be placed.

Won't make the bulkheads till after the sides are framed though.

(the perspective on this picture is not very good, the mark you can see, looks a lot further forward than it actually is).