Board Boats

A board boat is basically a boat that is mostly a large air box with a small foot well instead of a cockpit. You sit on the top sides of the boat, and there is nothing between your rear end and the water. Also known as a "wet pants" class boat.

hump bow pdracer

Hump Bow

Although one of these has not been made yet, I have a feeling this would be the best configuration of a board boat type of duck. The low profile of most of the hull would provide the least freeboard for wind resistance.

If you loose concentration while racing and don't have your weight in the correct spot, something that can happen is called "pig rooting" where the bow digs into the water. If you have a really short bow, then it might dig under a wave and submarine. When I had BucketEars configured as a short hull, I did that in Matagorda Bay. I was sailing pretty fast, went down the front of a wave and under the next one.

Normal sized bows on 16" high hulls are much more difficult to submarine, and when pressed hard will typically just pig root. So the funny looking hump shaped bow of this configuration tries to make a compromise between a board boat, and a normal 16" high hull.

simple board boat like a sunfish or laser

Simple Board Boat

This is the easiest way to make a pdracer board boat, combined with plank construction technique, you could make this boat in no time. It has 2 bulkheads that form the fore and of the foot well, and side decks protect the sides from having water come over from the gunnel. Add a spray rail to the deck or just forward of the foot well to deflect spray that has landed on the deck.

Sides to the foot well can be added, making the well even smaller so in the event of a swamping, you will be carrying less water.

airboxes on the sides and ends


This is a simple board boat with a long foot well. The floatation boxes built on the entire perimeter of the hull, sort of like a big donut. The extra length to the foot well is nice to have for storing gear such as oars, umbrellas, water & snacks, and makes it easier to take a passenger.

Later I added a removable deck to cover the forward end of the foot well, this is to deflect spray & breaking waves that came over the bow. With the foot well completely filled with water, she is still stable and can sail. To get rid of the water, heel over bit to dump some of the water out, and bail the rest with a bottomless chlorox bottle.

PD Skiff

Here is an extreme version of what a PD could be. All carbon fiber construction, open ended transom with self draining cockpit, 16' mast with fully battened main sail, jib, and enormous asymetrical spinnaker.