Minnesota - USA - 'Frantastic' #1002

We had so much fun. Today was the first sail of the 'Frantastic' #1002 named after our new dog. I worked all weekend to get this ready for launch today in what might be the last pleasant day before fall/winter here in Minnesota. It ended up being great and not too breezy for this new sailor. I will write up some construction notes later for this project based on the simple 18 bucket ears plans. The first cut on this was 3 months ago and I've had a ton of fun building this pdracer.
This is at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When we were getting ready to launch a couple friendly guys who happened by were from the nokomis sailing club and they provided advice and even a repair after the wind broke my poorly attached knot from the sail to the boom.
We all had fun and my kids want to go sailing again.
Thanks to the pdracer and greater sailing community.

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