World Wide List Of Puddle Duckers

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CountryStateHullOwner NameBoat Nameeseoeaadac
USAMissouri1029James AllenMerganser1
United ADubai1028Koenraad Ghys1
USA and Texas and 1027Young Cottagers to be determined
USAOklahoma1026Trent Hammond OkeyDucky
USAWest Virgi1025Bob Richards 71161
USAMichigan1024Joe MichelWiener Duck
CanadaBritish Co1023Rupert GaddSir Francis
USAMinnesota1022TV Dinner TV Dinner
Czech Re1021Olin Stejskal1
USACalifornia1020Christopher Sine and K Italian Post Offic1
TurkeySamsun1019Mithat Can UlcayHalit1
USAWashington1018Bryan Lowe​ 1
USAColorado1017Phil MagistroGoldeneye
SpainValencia1016Paco Sales and Armand 1
USAMinnesota1015Jim Hinesfey-ta2
USAMichigan1014T-$Suzie Q2
ArgentinPuerto Pir1013Ariel LazzariPatagonia PDRacer2
USAMississipp1012Jim Joswick Papa'One'One1
USAWest Virgi1011Tal R Sutton Phog Horn11
USAWest Virgi1010Daniel Hill SV Peden1
USATexas1009Paula BulsDuckaroo Bonzai1
USACalifornia1008Frederick Boek Red Roosta1
USAVirginia1007Eddie Prince
USAVirginia1006Eddie Prince
USAIndiana1005Joe ZinkAlumaduck3
AustraliNorthern T1004Conor Byrne SS The Opposition
USALouisiana1003Timothy Anderson
USAMinnesota1002Duane DorowFrantastic1
New ZealWellington1001Ben WhiteKnot for sale 2
CanadaSaskatchew1000Darryl KlassenOver Easy
USAMassachuse999Nick Nobili
USAIllinois998Dan Locks1
New ZealWellington996Ben WhiteKnot for sail1
USACalifornia995Leroy Conklin1
Lithuani994Mikas Martisius
USAMaryland993Jason Alder Anne
USAMaryland992Joshua Alder Julia
USAOhio991William WhiteNutnfancy
NorwayTrondheim990James YeomanJemima
ScotlandAberdeensh989Chris SmithCruachan
Germany988Daniel And SarahPoison Ivy
USACalifornia987Kent LaakHogan
USAGeorgia986Matthew HambyTruffle Shuffle
AustraliSouth Aust985Mark and FranGarrai Eoin
USAIllinois984Leland Hank2
USAMichigan983Jon AddisonCold Duck
CanadaBritish Co982Andrew Oates2
CroatiaSelce981Mila Ilijanic
USAPennsylvan980Patricia D. ThomasFreedom.

Event Size / Events Organized / Events Attended / Associted Duckers
An event is a calendar day when duckers gather and see each other in person. When posting an article about an event, you can list the person who organized the event, the date of that event and the hull numbers of the duckers you saw at the event. Event size / organized / attended are derived from those articles. Associated duckers come from the articles you post, the others you list as having seen at events are counted as your associated duckers.