World Wide List Of Puddle Duckers

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CountryStateHullOwner NameBoat Nameeseoeaadac
USAPennsylvan512John Bridges Lavender Duck2818204350
CanadaBritish Co623Alberni PDRacer ClubJohn D212183
USATexas759Eric Comstock 1113121253
CanadaBritish Co58Gordon SeiterGoliath822112
USASouth Caro59Tim Cleary Mary E101199
USAPennsylvan527Richard Frye, Capt. AHWET ROOSTER6914
CanadaBritish Co677Finlayson Family Jemima101195
USAMissouri381Gene BerryNot Much277
USATexas646Cajun manAllons Canard (le228714
USAWest Virgi1025Bob Richards 71161
CanadaOntario410Brian Hurst5154
USAGeorgia336David ChamnessWhack Whack52342
unknown30Guest Articles354
USAIllinois102Paul HaynieFrankenduck's Mons131
USAFlorida587Patrick JohnsonREDRUM DUCK31233
USAFlorida100Dave Gray Dangerous Duck31628
USAGeorgia104Scott Widmier Half and Half217223
USATexas287Dave SanbornDuck Soup22527
USAPennsylvan537Thomas MauerWater Dancer2212
CanadaBritish Co680Alexander Miller and P The Red Baron422
USAFlorida739John Beale Shore Enough22229
USAMaryland112Kaitlyn & John HerrStarcatcher21111
USAOhio455Ric Altfather 21111
USAPennsylvan529Ken Sherwood PhDabbler412
USAKansas572Bryan Youngnot picked yet21112
USAOhio671George Miller Quack21211
USAOklahoma768Ron Carter Capn Duck112
USAKansas775Steve Crandell Ruddy duck21119
USAMissouri810Al and Austin EbersolDuckSauce26618
USAGeorgia976Erne Gassmann Devil Duck21111

Event Size / Events Organized / Events Attended / Associted Duckers
An event is a calendar day when duckers gather and see each other in person. When posting an article about an event, you can list the person who organized the event, the date of that event and the hull numbers of the duckers you saw at the event. Event size / organized / attended are derived from those articles. Associated duckers come from the articles you post, the others you list as having seen at events are counted as your associated duckers.