The Adventures of Duckaroo Banzai

Greetings Ducklings and Ducklettes!

So these are the Adventures of Duckaroo Banzai (with a duck nod to the cult classic starring Peter Weller, John Lithgow and Christopher Lloyd).

I had originally wanted to start work on a Michalak Mayfly 16 but realized it would take longer to get on the water and I recognized that I needed an even simpler project to get the practice at techniques.

I'm building a rather conventional end airbox design based upon Shorty's BucketEars. I'm probably overbuilding but I intend to as I want the option to take her on the Texas 200 if I deem her worthy.

She's now 3-D and has been assigned Hull number 1009.

Here's a picture of her in in 3D. More to follow



Picture 1