Progress Pictures #1015

Progress Pictures #1015

Here are some progress pictures for hull #1015.
The design is a fusion of the 'simple' plan from Shorty (18' sides and leeboard) and the 'catbox' plans from Jim Michalak (side air boxes and rudder pieces).

What seems unique is the mast stepping. I have 3 options from 9 & 3/8' to 19 & 3/4'.

I have a small CNC router which I used to make templates for the 8 foot sides, rudder pieces, etc. to be cut with a handheld router. I also used the CNC to cut out the smaller parts for the mast step as I did not have a 2 & 1/2' hole saw and using up scrap in the CNC is a fun exercise to me.

The plywood is 1/4' Baltic Birch and the 3/4' lumber is mostly quality or select grade. 4' fiberglass tape was sourced locally. The epoxy is Greenroom Old#7 purchased online. Normally I would tend to 'cheapen' the material set as low as possible...but I have really enjoyed using better wood and nice epoxy resin (learned through other projects) on this build.
I also used Titebond 3 glue and Gorilla Glue depending on the conditions of the joints.

The most major mess-up involved NOT gluing all 4 'sides' to the plywood bottom at the same time. I did all the outsides first which led to extra work getting the insides to fit nicely. I also do not have many clamps so I end up using a brad nailer (permanent) and drywall screws (temporary) as part of the process. This works but leaves me with many holes to fill and brad heads to set as well as precludes me from using nice hand planes.

The 16 foot x 2 & 1/2' mast and 10 foot x 1 & 1/2' spar are staggered glue-ups with ripped piece of lumber with epoxy and then faceted with a 3' electric planer and a homemade spar marking tool. I still need to finish (sanding, hardware, varnish)these pieces.

The sail is a 59 sqft Bolger aka LOM. It was made using medium weight polyethylene tarp from Home Depot and locally sourced tape, thread, rope, and grommets. It was assembled following the wonderful tutorial that Polysails Inc. has on their website for this sail. I drew the sail in CAD, including the allowances for folding over, etc. I then plotted the clew, head, and tack at 1:1 on large paper at work. I took the plots to the tarp and located them per the plan, using the straight leech as reference. Then I lofted the curves in the luff and foot using a long bent board (batten).

Sailing hardware (pintels, gudgeons, traveler block, eyes, cleat) is from Race-Lite online and the hatch covers are from a field trip to the 'local' (45 miles one way) West Marine store. I enjoyed talking to and received great customer service from the people at both places.

As of 3.Sep.2017, the project is sitting at last minute repairs (boat fell off stands after attaching 3/4' x 1 & 1/2' chine with epoxy and screws, messing up the starboard bow corner) before paint and rigging.

Thanks to all parties previously mentioned and the crew from the Lake Pepin Messabout 2017 for the food, laughs, and stories at the event.

Also a big shoutout to Seth for answering many questions regarding his boats 486 and 767 .

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