Completed Pictures #1015

Here are some shots of the complete boat as debuted at the event in Stockton, Missouri on September 22-2,4 2017 at the Crabtree Cove Campground.

I spent the day before my journey sanding and coating the spars, rigging the boat, and getting supplies for the trip of 555 miles down to Stockton Missouri.

The trip was uneventful other than some shifting of the hull in transit and a 20 mph headwind.

I arrived to a prime campsite and a beautiful sunset.

The next day I met a bunch of the sailors and watched them depart as I added the last eats and sheets to my boat and laced the sails with zip-ties.

I had a quick sail in the bay before we lost the wind for the day. A little swimming and lots of storytelling in the shade as the temps hovered in the 90's. There was another Duck, a Goose, a couple Mayflys, 2 Polynesian sailing canoes, and several other boats I cannot remember names to mention. One of the canoes and a Scat were done in dark wooden bright work, very eye-catching.

If you visit Stockton Lake, be sure to bring sturdy water shoes and a piece carpet to go under your beached boat as the rocks are sharpish and golf ball to baseball size near shore.

The next day was light on wind but the flotilla made a morning run. I discovered on the water that the mainsheet angle through the traveler was nearly flat, not allowing leverage. I thought to rig a spare block, but it had a shackle and I did not have a pliers. I also had line but no knife. The three or four nearest boats circled to give aid and I was promptly given a knife (thanks Gene!). Once the block was tied to the sprit I was able to sail it much easier.

As the wind died down, it came time for capsizing drills. We dumped many of the boats and their captains managed to get them upright. The side air boxes kept the water fully out of my Duck. Note to self: rig rope for climbing back in...

I was to leave early the next day so the gang helped me load the Duck on the trailer.

Another gorgeous sunset, moonset, sunrise...I said goodbyes and broke camp while the others got to sailing. Next time I hope to add a day to each end of the trip. With the boat lashed better to the trailer, the trip home was even less eventful than the trip going.

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