Molly Kool Is Awaiting Spring

Molly Kool is awaiting spring, sometimes buried in snow, currently sitting out an April-like windy rainstorm. We are the hotspot of Canada at +17.3 C at 5 am. I think that's about 62F, up from -15C a week ago and headed back down there tomorrow.

I have recovered enough that I am determined to continue my Grand Cruise this coming summer, in however many legs it takes. I have re-decided the time frame for selling my house: I am not dying to move out!

I had been determined to rebuild MK, making proper airbox hatches and replacing the leeboard with bilge keels, but now I am questioning myself. Would I have patches too much stronger than the patched and therefore put myself at some sort of risk? But on the other side, I do not want a cuddy next time; it's fine for solo sailing, but cramped and awkward to balance when having a friend with me, and yet for 'cruising', that cuddy is very useful for keeping spray or even direct rain off my camping gear.

I am about to become the booster for a man who is recovering from a stroke to build his own PDR. He had hailed us as we came up under the bluff at the entrance to the narrows. He told my canoeing friends that there would be another of those sailboats on the river the next summer. We named him Jerry. My efforts to find him ashore yielded false information.

I am thinking I might build another hull myself then. Possibly look for a 3rd builder, perhaps younger, as 3 sets of hands, plus maybe a few more while getting the bottoms bent & fastened to the hull, would ease the building at many points along the way.

A belated Happy New Year to you!


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