Practice Duckling

Hello Shorty,

My name is Miles Brown and I'm a sailor from Rochester Hills, MI. To pass the cold winter months, I decided to try building a PDRacer. I knew that my wife would have a cow if I built one, so I decided to "practice" by building a half-size model as a toy for my young kids. I'm sure other builders have built a "duckling" before, and I know that I'm not eligible for a hull number, but I thought I'd send some of the pics to you anyway. It's obviously not complete, and I don't plan on glassing it as it's not going in the water, but I've had a lot of fun doing it. So much so that I probably will build a real one in the Spring. If you'd like to see pics of the finished product of the halfling, I'd be happy to send them when it's done.

I also wanted to take this opportunity for helping me, (and many others of course), get my feet wet with boat building. This is my first, though far from last, attempt, and the ease of the process and clarity on instructions were very inspiring. Thank you!!!!!