Beach Cruising With Small Sailboats

The term "Beach Cruising" is where you take a small sailboat, pull her up on a beach somewhere and camp there on the beach. There is another term that is sort of related, it is "Stealth Camping", which usually refers to camping ashore in a hidden manner, and in a location that you might not have permission to be at. The most common place I hear about stealth camping is in Florida during the Everglades Challenge.

WARNING: When beaching your boat, make sure to pull her up the beach a bit, and deploy an anchor. Power boats and barges will pass by in the night and toss waves onto shore which can jostle loose your boat and she will quietly float away while you sleep. Personally, when I beach cruise my puddle duck, I sleep inside the hull while she is pulled up on the beach.

Beachcruising and Coastal Camping

This book really gave me the perspective of the similarities between backpacking and small boat adventuring. A small boat can carry many more supplies than a backpack can, and you can goto locations with a boat that most people can't travel to on foot. The book expands on this philosophy and describes adventures they have been on, and the book also has numerous techniques and tips.
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Tom Brown's Field Guide To Survival

If you are going to spend the night on the beach, it is neat to know how to make a proper camp fire and cook over it, and do some other neat fun stuff borrowed from the survival enthusiast world. I'd suggest watching the TV show Survivor Man, and also get a copy of Tom Brown's Field Guide.
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