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Book: Boat Building for Beginners and Beyond

This is the number one boat building book when talking about small plywood boats like ours. It goes into topics of designing boat, sizing parts for them, placing the mast & leeboard etc. It comes with instructions on how to build (and design) good daggerboards, leeboards, sails, rudders, and includes plans for 6 other types of boats. While not specifically written about puddle ducks, all of the information in the book relates to them.
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Ultrasimple Boat Building: 17 Plywood Boats Anyone Can Build

Gavin created the Mouse Boat, which is a small boat that paddles like a kayak, but is kinda boxy shaped like a puddle duck. His book has a good review of many different types of boat building techniques, and features plans for numerous boats & sails that you can build from. The book also has a section featuring our PDRacer, with a side airbox design, and pivoting centerboard hidden in the side wall of the air tank. NOTE: The rocker shape shown in the book is not correct - see the class rules page for the one we use.
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Instant Boatbuilding with Dynamite Payson

For the longest time, this was the best text on building plywood boats, which were called "instant boats" because they were so easy to make. Lots of classic general techniques, as well as specific instructions to build 15 Bolger designs.
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Boats With An Open Mind

If you like interesting plywood boats, this is a book worth getting. Has examples ranging from the very small 5'6" box boat called a "Breakdown Punt", up to a 95 foot long ship. Multihulls, tortured plywood, all sorts of variety of boats that you can only envision, if you have an open mind.
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This Old Boat

This is not a boat building book, and won't have that much to apply to a puddle duck, but after you have been bitten by the bug, you may want to start finding older factory sailboats and fix them up. This is a great, realistic book on how to restore older boats in a way that won't cost a fortune. Such as in addition to how to refinish a hull with gelcoat, he also describes how well regular house paint works (really!). All sorts of solutions like how to do fiberglass repairs, repair and replace rigging etc.
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Sailboats You Can Build

This book has special meaning to me. Written by Peter Stevenson, the guy who is famous for the Stevenson Weekender sailboat and other projects, see The book was originally published in 1974 and contains plans for 3 boats:
Circle Cat - 14 foot long catamaran which sort of resembles a Hobie 14, but uses a lateen sail
Skipjack - An 11 foot long salty looking day sailor, which resembles an open cockpit version of the Weekender that he is famous for.
Lake Scow - A 12 foot long box boat, which is the predacessor to the Winged Dinghy. The Lake Scow has a neat simplicity to her, she is made with 1x12 pine boards for her sides so they don't need to be framed with chine logs, you simply attach the bottom and deck directly to those pine boards. The bow is narrower than the stern, but the sides are not bent -- instead they are angled in slightly.

The book also has some basic sailing, rigging and transporting instructions. The reason this book is special to me, is because my dad had a copy of this book laying around the house when I was a kid, and I dreamed of building the Lake Scow one day.
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