Epic Voyages in Small Boats

A Speck on the Sea: Epic Voyages in the Most Improbable Vessels

If you think it is amazing when someone accomplishes the Texas 200 in a puddle duck, then wait till you read this book! it is a collection of many epic and amazing voyages, in very small boats.
A Speck on the Sea : Epic Voyages in the Most Improbable Vessels by William H. Longyard

The Stormy Voyage of Father's Day

Hugo's 2nd voyage in a 5 foot sailboat across the Atlantic. For the style of the writing, this book is a much smoother one to read than April Fool.
The Stormy Voyage of Father's Day by Hugo Vihlen

April Fool or, How I sailed from Casablanca to Florida in a six-foot boat

This is Hugo's first trip across the Atlantic. Amazing that a six foot boat can make a voyage like that.
April Fool: Or, How I sailed from Casablanca to Florida in a six-foot boat by Hugo Vihlen

Adrift Seventy Six Days Lost at Sea

I normally don't like to read shipwreck or stranded at sea stories because I figure they just diaries of an extended torment. Another sailor told me this was a good story, and I have to agree. Callahan's boat struck something out at sea (possibly shipping container) and started taking on water. He quickly inflated his life raft and climbed in it with a few supplies. The tether between the raft and his boat became seperated, and he went adrift. (his boat did not sink, it later washed ashore). The rest of the story is about his survival, but told in a way of explaining engineering problems and solutions, and only briefly mentions agony and grief. An excellent story, I enjoyed this book.
Adrift: Seventy-six Days Lost at Sea by Steven Callahan

A Voyage For Madmen

This is about the first round world race, and at the time they were not sure if it was even possible! Nine men set out, and only 1 finished. Its a gripping tale and covers many details about most of the participants and indepth into the leaders of the race.
A Voyage for Madmen by Peter Nichols

My Old Man And The Sea

One of the things that has been kicked around the puddle duck world is the question: Would it be possible to sail a puddle duck from Florida to the Bahamas? The main story of this book is a father and son sail their boat around Cape Horn, but in the beginning of the book they describe a similar dream, the father wanted to sail their 8 foot dinghy and attempt that same crossing. They launched too -- the father sailing the dinghy, and the son sailing the bigger boat and following behind. I don't want to spoil what happened...
My Old Man And The Sea at Amazon

One Watch At A Time

Only Titanic could think the boat in this story is small, but I am a big Duran Duran fan, and Simon LeBon (lead singer) was a part owner of "Drum", the boat featured in this story as she races around the world in the Whitbread. Its not a glamor story, not flashy, but a real down to earth look at what life is like aboard during a race like this.
One Watch At A Time at Amazon

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