Kids Books about Sailboats

I grew up around sailboats and love sailing, so when I had kids and started the regular routine of reading them bed time stories, I naturally got a good set of sailing books for them!

The following books are a good set that you can read to your kids as bed time stories, or maybe as a gift to a sailing friend that has kids. Next thing you need to do is get out and do some parent & youth sailboat racing and games. It is literally the most fun type of sailing you will ever do.

Also included in the list below are a couple of my other favorite kid books: West Texas Chili Monster and Little Red Cowboy Hat . Although not sailing related, they sure do have a good twist and are the kind of stories I wanted to read to my kids. Arty The Smarty is about a fish who doesn't go with the crowd, instead he goes his own way and eventually has to try and outsmart a whale. Sort of like a puddle duck, it isn't about the size, but rather about the creativity and determination.

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