Sail Making & Technical Design Of Sails

Sail Performance: Techniques to Maximise Sail Power

by C.A. Marchaj.
This is THE TEXT to reference when you want to know anything about how sails perform, and how to design them. Marchaj did extensive wind tunnel testing to scientifically evaluate sail shapes. Sail Performance is based on his original book: Sailing Theory & Practice.
Sail Performance by by C.A. Marchaj.

100 Small Boat Rigs

By Phil Bolger
After you read Sail Performance and understand how to shape sails to perform well, you should checkout this book: 100 Small Boat Rigs. There are 100 different sail configurations listed, along with descriptions about their history, what are the good parts and what are the compromises. I heard there was going to be an updated called 103 Small Boat Rigs (or 104?), but don't know if that materialized or not.
100 Small Boat Rigs, by Phil Bolger

Sailmaker's Apprentice

This is a complete book about how to make just about any type of sail, and goes into extensive detail about how to sew & rig them properly. Lots of pictures and drawings covering both modern sails and traditional ones. The author is interesting, he is listed on the book as Emiliano Marino, but also is a frequent contributor at Small Craft Advisor Magazine and publishes under the name Raven, The Sail Doctor. In his columns at SCA, he answers questions from readers and goes indepth to answer the question, and always continue further to give a historical reference of how it got there, and expands to cover surrounding issues to help support the answers. Needless to say, I really respect this author and he knows his stuff.
Sailmaker's Apprentice at Amazon

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