Puddle Duck Racer Sailboat Class - Newsletter 38

Picture of the month: Dave Sanborn

PDR's join the MMHR in West Virginia
By: Bob Richards #1025 (7es 1eo 1ea 6ad 1ar)
West Virginia, USA
Event Date: 2018-08-17   152 Days Till Event
Organizer: Bob Richards #1025 (7es 1eo 1ea 6ad 1ar)
Duckers Attended: 7

Regatta At Lake Arthur 2018
Event Date: 2018-08-04   139 Days Till Event

Tims Time Out
By: Tim Cleary #59 "Mary E" (10es 1eo 1ea 9ad 9ar)
South Carolina, USA

Ruddy Duck Miles Update 2014
By: Steve Crandell #775 "Ruddy duck" (2es 1eo 1ea 1ad 9ar)
Kansas, USA
Duckers Attended: 0

Miles Update Sept 2014
By: Eric Comstock #759 (11es 13eo 12ea 12ad 53ar)
Texas, USA
Duckers Attended: 0

World Championship 2015 Plans
By: John Bridges #512 "Lavender Duck" (28es 18eo 20ea 43ad 50ar)
Pennsylvania, USA

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