PDRacer World Championship Score Card 2011

Score Hull Name Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total
Started 16 16 12
Finished 14 14 12
1 431 Brad Hickman 1 2 2 5
2 538 Mitch Longtin 2 5 4 11
3 403 John Welsford 5 3 3 11
4 517 Rick Landreville 3 6 5 14
5 421 Scott Widmier 15 DNF 1 1 17
6 415 Steve Gully 7 4 8 19
7 213 Kenny Giles 10 8 6 24
8 402 Tom P. 8 7 9 24
9 601 Bryan Cull 4 9 13 DNS 26
10 553 Dave Zumwalt 12 11 7 30
11 498 Bruce Whisennand 9 10 13 DNS 32
12 507 Graham Byrnes 6 15 DNF 13 DNS 34
13 508 Jay Davenport 11 13 10 34
14 287 Dave Sanborn 13 12 11 36
15 537 Thomas Mauer 14 15 12 41
16 583 Fred Symonds 17 DNS 14 13 DNS 44
17 587 Pat Johnson 15 DNF 17 DNS 13 DNS 45
240 Paul Cook DNS DNS DNS
312 Mathew Raikes DNS DNS DNS
347 Bill Nolen DNS DNS DNS
381 Gene Berry DNS DNS DNS
405 Gene Berry DNS DNS DNS
DNS (Did Not Start) Score = Number of boats starting plus +1
DNF (Did Not Finish) Score = Number of boats finishing +1

UPDATE: Question About Race Results


It is paramount that we provide a fair race that conforms to our rules, especially our world championship race, to respect the many hours and expense that duckers spend building their boats and preparing for races. Many travel from long distances at significant personal cost, some literally from the far side of the world.

After the 2009 championship race, we discovered that the OZ Racer is not class legal, and that some duckers were modifying their hull shapes even though they knew they were intentionally violating the class rules. The class rules were upgraded soon after to require a measurement before each world championship race, so there would be no question as to whether someone is cheating.

A measurement was performed for the 2010 race as required, see report from Rick Landreville on the world championship page. Before the 2011 championship race, I emailed with the host of the race and confirmed that all boats would be measured. The organizers had prepared a side panel template to make measuring quick & easy. The winner of that race was Brad Hickman.

Here is the issue

I received a request from a participant of the race to have Brad's hull disqualified and received a copy of Brad's statements from a public discussion forum where he claimed to have won using an OZ Racer, which are not class legal and implies that he won the race by cheating. Also it has been brought to my attention that none of the participating hulls were measured at the 2011 race, which is a clear violation of our class rules, specifically the rule which was added to prevent this situation.

Separately, Brad claims that he did not follow the OZ Racer plans, that he custom built his boat, and his hull is class legal.

For this special case, to resolve this question between duckers and restore confidence to our community that we host honorable races, it is a simple matter to have an impartial ducker measure Brad's hull. I contacted Brad to have another ducker measure his hull and submit the measurements to confirm it is class legal.

Brad sails locally with Bill Nolen #347 who volunteered. Bill performed the measurement and certifies that all of Brad's hull measurements are within 1/8" of ideal, so Brad's hull IS class legal and shall remain on our score card as the 2011 World Champion. Just to make sure there is no confusion, we have an ideal hull shape and a tolerance range to help sloppy builders in case they sneeze or something when they are cutting the curve. Brad's hull is so close to the ideal shape, there is less than 1/8" difference between our ideal shape, and Brad's rocker.

I am glad this measurement issue was able to be resolved, and as you can see from the dimensions, it is almost a perfect shaped hull which shows how easy it is to be class legal within our tolerance range.