Some of the adventures of BucketEars

$50 Sailboat Race
Building BucketEars
2004 Race 1 Lake Woodlands TX
2004 Race 2 Lake Conroe TX
2004 Race 3 Lake Livingston TX
2004 Race 4 Lake Charles LA
2004 Race 5 Magnolia Beach TX
2004 Race 6 Lake Conroe TX
2004 Race 7 Lake Woodlands TX
2004 Race 8 Lake Charles LA
Parent & Youth Race 1
Parent & Youth Race 2
Parent & Youth Race 3
Parent & Youth Race 4
Parent & Youth Race 5
Parent & Youth Race 6
2005 Magnolia Beach Messabout
2006 Peachland Endurance Race
2006 World Championships
2008 South Texas PD race at Magnolia Beach
2009 world championship
2010 world championship - SDDP race
Sail with Doug and kids
Lunch sail at Lake Woodlands
Rowing Speed over Distance 5 miles
Rowing Speed Over Distance 11 miles
Rowing & Sail Speed over distance
Took my kids fishing
Tempe Town Lake Sailing on TV
Tempe Town Lake Sailing with Patrick and Martin
Square Head Sprit Sail At Tempe Town Lake
Fix a big hole I accidentally punched in the hull
Prison Shank Hole Boring Tool
Where Are The First Three Puddle Ducks Now?
Grout - Join 2 together to make a long scow
Difference between PDRacer and Brick