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Concrete Tunnel Duck
Hull Paint
PDRacer in Mauritius
Navegando Puerto Piramides, Argentina
PDR's join the MMHR in West Virginia
Dubai Puddle Duck
Ready for water test
Scowt Build Pics
Molly Kool Is Awaiting Spring
The Story of Jerry
Finally built my PDCruiser! I call her Scowt.
Regatta At Lake Arthur 2018
Duck Comedy Act
Completed Pictures #1015
Sailing In Czech Republic
Progress Pictures #1015
Amateur Hour at dawn...
Italian Post Office
Molly Kook at Annapolis River Festival
First Boat
Regatta at Lake Arthur
Annapolis River Festival
New PDR in Turkey
Hull is now 3D
Great Lakes PDRegatta
Gorfnik Plans
more pictures
Patagonia PDRacer Becomes 3D
2012 and 2015 Championship Reunion
Sailing To Paradise
Phog Horn goes 3D
Papa One One goes 3D
Duck Call!
newbie in Denver about to build his first puddle duck
The Adventures of Duckaroo Banzai
Red Roosta Launch
Minnesota - USA - 'Frantastic' #1002
Building Alumaduck - Abandoned .032 and switched to.040
Lake Michigan Beaches Event
PD 244 Scow
Video during hatch event
New comer . Alumaduck
Video of Building Pudle Duck #996 Slideshow
Sera Mun, 3D and ready for a topside.
Pictures of New Hull
2016 Regatta at Lake Arthur - Join Us
Launch of the Son of a Birch
Construction of the 'Son of a Birch'
National JROTC Puddle Duck Racer Sailing Championship
First Sail of 2016
Winterfest 2016
Putting The Bottom On With Clamps
Practice Duckling
Preparing To Sail
Sailing October 10 2015
Cheney Lake Central Flyway and Miles Update
Front and Back View
More Mast Chocks
Holey Bars
Making Rain Cover
Before Too Cold Regatta
More Sail Rigging
Mast Chocks
Sunday Sail Miles Update September 2015
Free Duck To Good Home New York
Labor Day Progress
Foam Construction Update
Little More Progress
Went Sailing
Rudder and Sail for Molly Kool
Free To Good Home
More Clamping
Molly Kool Official Launch
Mast Step Wedge
Clamping Deck Braces
World Championship 2015 Results
Molly Kool Leak Test
Making Curved Cuddy Arches
Sailing With My Brother
Planing The Branch Stubs
Peeling Saplings For Mast
Batten The Breeze 2015
Lake Woodlands July 2015
Bowline Tying Magic
Sailing July 5th
Little Twister Goes Sailing
Exploring Lake Conroe 2
Carts Covers and Trailers
Trifold Brochure For Hatches
Elkhorn Slough Traditional Small Craft Association Event
The Great Adventure
Duck Hatch April 2015
Exploring Lake Conroe
Man Overboard Drill
Puddle Duckie Song
RALA 2015 Welcomes Duckers
Spring Is Here - Get Ready For Championships
Sailing At Cayman Islands
Sea Hawk On Ladybird Lake
Winterfest Duck Promotion
Just Went 3D
Counter Display For 2015 Championship
Camping at Fairfield Lake State Park
Hatch Promotional Video
Ready For Rain
A Savvy Cost-Efficient PDR design
Rain Cover
Leak Test
Need Help - Center For Wooden Boats Festival 2015
Rowing Duck Dodgers
Tims Time Out
Ruddy Duck Miles Update 2014
Miles Update Sept 2014
World Championship 2015 Plans
Came Back From Boy Scout Camp
Victoria Foam Building Info
Victoria Foam PDR
2015 World Championship Hosting Rights
Lake Arthur Regatta 2014
CABBS Display At Mentor
Building PDRacers In Mazowieck Poland
Building PDRacers In Mazowieck Poland 2
Building PDRacers In Mazowieck Poland 3
Building PDRacers In Mazowieck Poland 4
Building PDRacers In Mazowieck Poland 5
Wistula River Regatta
Wistula River Regatta 2
Wistula River Regatta 3
Wistula River Regatta 4
Wistula River Regatta 5
Wistula River Regatta 6
BugOut Duck Maiden Voyage
See How She Sails
Just Finished Fourth Hull
Serenity Gets New Artwork
2014 Mentor Headlands Beach Fest
Summer Sailing
World PDRacer Regatta Pictures 2014
Free Bird Finds New Home
2014 Worlds People Choice Awards
Learn To Sail A Puddle Duck Clinic
2014 World Championship
Just Got Back From 2014 Championships...
More 2014 Championship Pictures
More 2014 Championship Pictures 2
PDR Bottom Replacement
Free Bird Spreads Her Wings
Butler Outdoor Club
Two New Ducks
Duck Worlds 2 Weeks Away
The Launching of the Terror of the Sea
First Sail
Duck Worlds 3 Weeks Away
Lot Of Progress
PDRacer To The Dragon
My Crooked Tiller
First Launch Video
Preparing World Championship
Rudder Stock and Foil
Float Test In The Pool
Float Test Video
Test Float Successful
First Pics
Windsurfer Sail
Leak Test
Three Ducks And A Bug at Texas City Dike
Georgia Bell Gets New Seat
Puddle Duck Worlds 2014 only 2 months away
Butler Outdoor Club Hatch Pictures
Butler Outdoor Club Hatch Pictures 2
Butler Outdoor Club Hatch Pictures 3
Butler Outdoor Club Hatch Pictures 4
Puddle Duck News April 2014
World Championship Registration Update
Georgia Belle Paint
Lake Charles Messabout 2014
2 new hulls third on way...
Second Home Depot Hatch of 2014
Making A Splash in 2014
Registration open for 2014 world championship
Mileage Update March 2014
Building Before Your Eyes
Happy Birthday
Sailing Friedenau Dam - Windhoek Namibia
Cayman Duck
First Sail Of The Year 2014
Post Gazette
Home Depot DEMO March 2014
Western Pennsylvania Woodworkers Club
Home Depot Demo and Local Paper Promotion 2014
No First Cut Fever Here
Update - 2014 World Championship Plans
Ducks Rule
2014 Lake Arthur Regatta Promo Video
Home Depot Hatch Feb 2014 - Lake Arthur PA
Model Boat Race Illinois State Fair 2013 pic 2
Sailing At Illinois State Fair
Enlarging The PA Fleet
First Sail Of The Year
Final Miles for 2013
Model Boat Race at Illinois State Fair
Kerf Cut Chine Log Bending
2014 World Championship Plans
Cayman Islands Cardboard Boat Race
Buffalo Run Miles Update
Lake Woodlands Miles Update
Free P D Racer
Royal Duchess Escambia Bay Florida
Quackers By Name
Virtual Sailor PDRacer
Santa Fe Lake All To Myself
Missouri City Newsletter
The Royal Duchess #792 From 3D-cad to reality
North American Championship 2014
Polysail Camp Sailboat PDRacer
Septemberfest 2013
A Really Big Duck
Some Video Clips
Anti Pig Rooting Device
PDR Heroes Texas Championship
Texas 20 SDDP
Annual Miles Entry
Sailing Texas Championship
Glassed Some More
The Royal Dutches Maiden Voyage
Sailing 723
Sailing Grand Lake Trip 11
She Is Glassed
2013 Texas State Championship
Allons Canard Sailing Log
Allons Canard Sailing Lake Woodlands TX
Dolly and Pictures of 802
Grand Lake
Photos of Plywood Classic Regatta
Menwithtools hull #823 comes together!
PDR-775 labor day sailing
2014 World Championship Hosting Rights
Fanshawe Yacht Club - 3RD Annual Plywood Classic Puddle Duck Regatta
Illinois State Fair Summary Video 1
Sailing Lake Woodlands
Misc Building Photos
Newspaper Covers Illinois Demo Build
Illinois State Fair Day 6
Illinois State Fair Day 3
Illinois State Fair Day 4
Illinois State Fair Build Demo
Illinois Demo Is 3D
Illinois State Fair Booth Setup Video
Sailing Grand Lake Cherokees
Ellwood City Ledger
The Duck That Stuck 1
The Duck That Stuck 2
The Duck That Stuck 2
Illinois State Fair Links
Sailing Morrow Bay
More Sailing In Colorado
A little history and activity of Puddleduck 747
Video of Beach Dolly
Texas 20 Warmup
Sailing Santa Fe Lake KS
Knorr Model
775 Annual Miles Challege
Updated Photos Of PolkaDuck
Capsizing PDRacer #646 on leeboard side
Puddle Duck Reunion
Lake Charles LA Messabout
Sea Hawk Sail Rig Details
Todays Race
Update: 2013 Texas State Championship
Building The Simple 18
Local TV Championship Report
Mast and Drip Rails
Quackmire Shakedown Cruise
Trim The Transom
First and Second Time Sailing
2013 World Championship Score Card
The DynaLite Malt Duck
Flying Frog Building Pictures
Flying Frog Sailing Pictures
Puddle Duck Rack
Sailing To The Dragon
2013 Texas State Championship
Flying Frog Goes Sailing
Annual Miles Report
New Bow Sprit And Jib Sail
Fathers Day Sailing At Texas City Dike
Sailing Texas City Dike on Fathers Day
Got Her Wet
CDX Sub-Class PDRacer
Desert Duck Pictures
Router Chines Prepare Fiberglass
Todays Sail Had It All
HSDVMHF May 2013 Event
The Sweep Oar
Georgia Belle Updated Photos
Calculate Size Of A Sail
Memorial Weekend Sailing
Port Alberni Visitor Guide
New Alberni Website
Combo Sailing And Fishing
Sailing Raven Lake
Window Open - Capture World Championship Hosting Rights
Boxy Lady Updated Photos
Morning Sail and Afternoon Flood
Rudder From Scraps (Part 2)
Epic Keel
The Royal Dutchess
Music Project - Our Dream Is To Sail
Measuring Hull With Full Length Side Fins
Sail Lacing Techniques
Coot Right Of Way Rules
Battle For Independence
Houston Horde To Sail At Alternate Location
Puddle Duck Music Department
Puddle Duck Bay - Original Instrumental
Sailing Independence
Sailing Lake Woodlands
Puddle Jumper
Pedal Car PDRacer Trailer
PD Cruiser Takes Shape
Glassing The Chines
Illinois State Fair Update - Volunteers Needed
Super Splash Adventure
Gabe PD Cruiser
Sara First Sail
Get your Duck Wet 9th Anniversary Challenge
A Windy day for the Houston Horde
Whiskeytown Regatta
Jemima Sails First Time
Isle Of Man
Jemima Dips Her Tail Feathers
Building In Basemenet
Headlong Plunge Into Madness
Making The Fins At 2:30am
9th Anniversary Sailing In The Snow
Building Orca
She Is Beautiful
Working Inside
9th Anniversary Challenge
Latest Progress
Trying A Quick Rudder From Scraps
Painted Over Thompsons Water Sealer
Paper PDR
Paper Model PDRacer
Update From Cortez - PDR On Display
Newspaper article about duck worlds 2013
First Cut Fever
Raid Buffalo Run Park - Houston SDVMH
Buffalo Run Park Race Course
April Hatch - Florida Maritime Museum
Local Fleet Organizers
Houston Space Duck Viking Marauder Horde Fleet
Spring 2013 Race Schedule - Houston Space Duck Viking Marauder Horde Fleet
Updated PDR 766 Photos
Pictures Of My Duck
Cleveland Boat Show - CABBS
Missouri Hatch
Houston Hatch - Started 3 Hulls
Building Mini-Duck Part 2
Lake Arthur Regatta 2013 Update
Florida Maritime Museum Boat Building Class
Trip Report and New Land Transport Method
Duck Dodgers Goes Sailing
Building Mini-Duck
PDRacer #287 End Of Year Report
Ducking In Florida
Duck Sailing Videos
A Hatch In Houston!
Weasel Duck emerges from Kiwi egg!
Building #759 (cutting out chine logs and side panels with a template and a router)
Bringing Ducking Back To Houston
Thanksgiving At Dave Lucas Boat Shop and Happy Hour Club
Sea Hawk
Sailing In The Czech Republic
BLSA Inaugural Puddle Duck Regatta
Folding Seat Design
PUDDLE DUCK # 671 Quack
Lake Arthur Regatta 2013
Sailing Belton Lake - Texas
Puddle Duck Test Class
Building and Sailing of PDR 682
Building Pictures
Lanie Goes 3D
Sailing Stans Duck
Quacker - Stans Duck
Stans 38 Pound Foam PDRacer
Sailing Le Cou Rouge
Fighting Duck Rot
Boat Building Class - January 2013
Put The Decks On
Blue Away - Building
Blue Away - Building 2
Blue Away - First Sail
Harbor Days Event
Building Raptor Hull #703 - Part 3 - Rigging The Raptor
Plywood Classic Regatta 2012
First Sail
Septemberfest 2012 - Friends Of Yellow Creek
1/10 Scale PDR Model From Slab Of Foam
Sea Flea Pictures
Illinois State Fair PDRacer Hatch and Demo
Fanshawe Yacht Club - 2ND Annual Plywood Classic Puddle Duck Regatta
First Launch and Testing Fusion Plastic Spray Paint
Building The Hull 735
First Day Sailing
Central Illinois Fleet - Preliminary Inquiry
Building Raptor Hull #703 - Part 1
Building Raptor Hull #703 - Part 2
Video Of 2012 World Championship Race
Red Baron Sails Port Alberni
Pictures From 2012 Championship 1
Pictures From 2012 Championship 2
Building and Sailing Kluster Duck
Pictures from 2012 World Championship Race
First Annual Port Alberni Regatta
Video Timelapse of building Pond Stalker
Mountain Mama Regatta
Brookville Lake Sailing Association Regatta
Starting A New Fleet In West Virginia
612 Finally Hits The Water
Sailing With My Daughter
Cape Cod PDRacer Challenge
My first time sailing Le Vilain Canard
Ducks Flocking Together In Pennsylvania
Building 3 Ducks - First One Completed
Demo at Home Depot
PDRacer Wheelbarrow to Tricycle Conversion
Side Float Test
My Wheelbarrow PDR --- Another Way to Transport a Duck
Remembering Phil Bolger
Sailing Grapevine Lake Texas
ECDuck Modifications After The EC - Roller Reefing
Green Machine Removable Motor Mount
Green Machine Rowing Seat and Take Apart Oars
PD Pirate Joins The Fleet
Footy Remote Control PDRacer Sailboat
Starcatcher and Moldy Duck
The Most Unusual Use Of A PDRacer
Gedeon Sails
Everglades Challenge 2012 Results
Gedeon Movable Mast
New Boat Dolly
Scouting Muskrat Cove - Site of Next World Championship
Gedeon Airbox Details
Video of EC Duck During Everglades Challenge
DIY Sailboat Cleats and Tiller Tamer
Front Page - Alberni Valley News
Building Demonstration At Home Depot
Video - Local TV Interview for Hatch Preparations
Front Page News - AGAIN !!
Plywood For Puddle Ducks
Video - Final Test Sail
Building Green Machine
Video - Elephant Butte Poker Run
Video - Building True North
You are sailing a sofa Dave!
Finishing Progress
Musings of DuckNDive
Quacker Box Goes Sailing
New Seat and Anchor
GEDEON - A Revolution Begins
PD Racer Build or Wow Did I Learn a Lot
First Overnight Sail Trip Report
Sail Controls and Oarlock Placement
The PandG EC Adventure
Leak Test First Sail of 618 Happy Adventure
The making of #618 Happy Adventure - Or Plan B
The 4 p's Which Are The Key To Success
Video - ECDuck - Second Test Sail
ECDuck - Building The Dodger
Video of ECDuck First Test Sail
ECDuck - First Test Sail and Tweaks Needed
ECDuck - The Build Continues 5
Dangerous Duck Plans and Workshop
ECDuck - The Build Continues 4
ECDuck - The Build Continues 3
ECDuck - The Build Continues 1
ECDuck - The Build Continues 2
Video of Sailing Odd Duck
Le Cou Rouge
True North
ECDuck - The Build Starts
Video of True North
Lumber to Lake in 5 Days
EC PDRacer Design Idea 2
Sailing To A Championship
Sailing 572
Spontaneous Combustion
New Design Ideas for expedition PDRacer
Everglades Challenge 2012
Everglades Challenge 2012 SDDP Race
Video of sailing Pea Soup
Video of sailing Treasure Hunter
Sailboat Dolly For A PDRacer 2
Pics 2011 World Championship
Puddle Ducks at World Championship 2011 - Page 1
Puddle Ducks at World Championship 2011 - Page 1
Puddle Ducks at World Championship 2011 - Page 3
Puddle Ducks at World Championship 2011 - Page 4
Puddle Ducks at World Championship 2011 - Page 5
The true account of PDRacer Dave Zumwalt sailing #553 in his first ever race
Puddle Duck Worlds 2011 at Sail Oklahoma
Video of Fred Marengo sailing Flotsam
Videos of sailing in some gusty winds
Quick Mast and Spars From PVC
Noel Nichols video from 2010 Texas 200
Front Page News
Life from the center of the Channel - Puddle Ducks dont need wind
Offset Centerboard Trunk
Sailboat Dolly For A PDRacer
Lake Arthur Event - August 2011 - Pennsylvania USA
Six Puddle Ducks at Yellow Creek Lake
First Launch of Squizzleduck
Design of PDRacer #572 - Looking for an Ultralight
Balanced Lug Sail Details and Dimensions
DIY Bimini Sailboat Shade
DIY Waterproof Cell Phone Case
DIY Garboard Drain
DIY Navigation Red Green Light With Quick Release
Teardrop Trailer To Carry PDRacer Sailboat and Kayaks
How I came to build my first boat - part 10
How I came to build my first boat - part 9
How I came to build my first boat - part 8
How I came to build my first boat - part 7
How I came to build my first boat - part 6
How not to build a PD Racer
The Incredible PDRacer
Building A Puddle Duck Fleet
Video of Sailing At Stillhouse Hollow Lake
Video Maiden Voyage of Muthaducker
How I came to build my first boat - part 5
How I came to build my first boat - part 4
How I came to build my first boat - part 3
How I came to build my first boat - part 2
Hatch Event - April 2011 at Moraine State Park Pennsylvania USA
Santa borrows hull 512 to deliver Christmas
Ranger - Building A Texas 200 Duck
Ranger - Plans For A Texas 200 Duck
Squizzle Duck - A boat 40 years in the making
First trip in PDRacer 538 and pvc mast
First Trip In My PDRacer
KISS Designed Rudder and Tiller System
Land Rudder
Cybernaughts Sail Making Method (The quick the dirty and the ugly)
How I came to build my first boat
Shootout at Reynolds Creek Park (Waco TX)
Tenacious Turtle Sails The Texas 200
Nabors Furling System - DIY Roller Reef from PVC pipe
A Sliding Leeboard Mount
Something like a foil - the Bill Board
Sledding a PDRacer in the snow
Boy Scout Troop 125 Duck Hatch - Go Sailing
Boy Scout Troop 125 Duck Hatch - Build The Boats
24 Hours Distance in a PDRacer
Minimumm of effort - maximum of joy and distance
Geoff's Rudder
Using a PD with an Outboard Motor
The Story Of The Sailboat Rudder
The Sequel To The Sailboat Rudder
A Test of Different Paints and Finishes
Test of PL glues
Out The Window - Building A Puddle Duck In An Apartment
Cardboard Model of the Simple 18 PDRacer
Puncture Testing
Building Mary-E
Video of Sailing At Lake Bastrop TX
2010 World Championship
2009 World Championship
2007 World Championship